Monday, April 16, 2012

shot family, massive letters!!
love you guys man. you falas sound awesome as man. shave ice is going mean!! hoohooo man thats crack up, when i come home id rather jst go full time with the shave ice than work at pcc haha get more money too lol thanks tho family for supporting me, it means a lot to me ay. I’m happy that you guys had a uplifting stake conference. for me i feel like we have stake conference everyday haha but its been a beautiful thing. its good to hear from you guys family and happy to know you guys are all doing well. hi mum, how you doing? i miss you:) love you mum. keep going hard up the guts mum, dont be to hard on yourself with things tho, its just school lol. if i can pass school, anyone can haha and if dad can, anyone in the whole world can haha shot dad love you bro.  You have a awesome family who loves and supports you mum so i know they can help you get through this. You already know this so i know youll be ok, keep putting trust in the lord cuz he wants you to succeed more than anyonelse. thanks dad and mum for your guys dear elders, i love getting them and just hearing about you guys and it just brings a peace to me. i read them before i go to bed at night and it helps me when i know and am reminded how much my family love and care about me, and just another motivation for me each day. Parents i love you guys. So grateful for you that words can’t describe. but hope you guys can have another good week. for me, im sweet, smallkine headaches, and back crap here and there but it’s all sweet.  
The mtc is going sweet ay family, i play basketball everyday so its something i hard out look forward to haha just to be honest lol so my body is still all good cuz i have hard games everyday from the first second to the last lol it helps me to refocus on my studies tho so ye. its so fun tho, iv become tight with so many other elders so its hard to get mad when im playing and stuff lol but as for me im loving it family, everyday it gets better and for me i had a big week because now as the district leader i had heaps of meetings to go to and i really just have had to really organize my time right coz its different to the other elders. but its been a awesome experience thus far, iv learned so much more about the other elders in my district because each week i interview them and just check up with them on how everything is for them and it’s been awesome to be able to do that and help them in a lot of small ways. some of the boys don’t even get letters and for others their parents don’t really care much, it’s sad but for them a motivation for the lord to help them in that area. I’ve really had to step my game up in every way and have found other ways i can be even more obedient but i feel that much different and its beautiful. a lot of the elders in my district get naughty at times with following rules and even in class. Our teacher str8 just left the class coz he was angry. i stood up and just shamed out the class hard ay, told them that ever time we choose to waste time and play around, we jeopardize someone else’s salvation. i bore mean testimony to the boys and because i know them better individually now,  i am able to tend better to each personal need but to make a long story short everyone was quiet as for ages and i know they felt bad as ay. our teachers a hard core fala but hes a spiritual giant. every day since then, things have gotten better and every night i pray for ways on how i can be a better leader. The scriptures have taught me a lot and specifically in D&C 121 which is a lot about leadership. To lead with love, meekness, longsuffering, persuasion and love unfeigned. it goes on heaps more but it says how when man gets a little bit of power they immediately exercise it either wrong, boastfully and men tend to fall the other way because of it. I’m grateful for how much iv been able to bear my testimony because of the calling that iv been given and iv drawn so close to my district, were like brothers already but it’s been able to help us come closer in helping each other more and really just work 10 times harder every day. Beautiful family so as for me things do get better every day, and im striving to be better and look for ways to be better. i feel the spirit everyday and i love it. time is flying and i can’t wait to get out into the real world and waste everyone with the gospel. helmets ay, they’re gonna get it from me lol but love you family thanks for your letters, they were awesome, i love everyone and grateful for you all. Give aunty Gretchen my love, she’s such a beautiful women, just been so good to us ever time we’ve come to new zealand, things i never forget. anyway tho chur chur famz, mean!!

love elder kanahele now lol
p.s my pres told me change kaka coz its no good lol sad fala so as of now im elder kanahele but occasionally both lol so ye later family love you guys!

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