Monday, June 17, 2013

Honolulu Airport - Ash Flying to Utah
Kia ora family! Man good to hear from you all again. Dad I just wanted to wish you a late fathers day bro! I love you dad, you really are the best dad ay, in every way bro. Your my best friend dad, thanks for everything you do for us kids ay bro, you deserve the best dad cuz you've earned it in every way. Through out the course of my mission I have realized how much I have learned from you dad, your example, and Iv tried to be that for my companions and the people I serve, your the man dad. I wanna be a father like you to my kids when I become one and I feel like I have a good model to follow after ay. Thanks for loving our mum and treating her like a queen, cuz she is one.
Its awesome to see that everyone is growing up but also growing up on the right track, with the right vision and taking steps in the right direction. It does feel like we are going off on our own ay but really we are getting closer to living with each other eternally in the life to come, I cant wait for that ay, how awesome will that be. I cant imagine what it must have been like for heavenly father to send his only begotten son Jesus Christ to this mortal world knowing what lied his future. Man we make some sacrifices here in this life ay but my mission has really taught and showed me how rewarding our father in heaven is. He will always bless us with more than we had to sacrifice, fill and exceed the gaps in our lives with blessings, Iv seen and gained a testimony of this here in my life as a missionary.
Anyway family, I had a beautiful week. We had a huge mission conference cuz our mission president and his wife are leaving this month. Pretty sad to see them leave ay. But it was cool cuz we had Dallin H Oaks and 4 other apostles of the seventy there. It was amazing to have so many general authorities there ay, the spirit was obviously present. The coolest thing Is I got to do a musical item them. Me and that other elder who sung on my I-pod, and two other sisters accompanied us on the piano and violin. The song is called "Savior redeemer of my soul" but it was three mean ay. We did really good together, and the apostles came up to us and thanked us afterwards, it was sweet as ay. With that though I had a really good week. I learned a lot, and have plans to do more, and to be better. Me and my companion are going really good ay. I really am trying to be my best, and have learned more fully how to sacrifice my weaknesses to the lord and humble myself before him. The mission is the best place to teach someone how to re-focus or their attention and efforts from inward to outward. You learn how to forget about yourself and you learn to love everyone around you, you really are just given a chance to really learn who Christ is and what he did, its just amazing. This week we found heaps of new people, and had heaps of good lessons which some accepted to be baptized. We are starting to have more work to do and along with that we are starting a English class for our Hispanics, its called "Daily Dose" so we are doing some good work here. The summer is kicking in for sure ay,but I have high hopes always that the lord will continue to bless us with recognizing what he wants us to do to move his work forward most effectively. This is me family, I'm moving and doing what the lord wants me to. I'm loving my time and am proud to be a representative of Jesus Christ at this time in the last dispensation, of the last days. Its our time to shine you falas, the lord needs us right now!
Elder Kanahele
p.s tell grams I love her and think about her. love you guys ay, have another good week!! lets do this!! doitz!

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