Monday, March 12, 2012

Hi family!! fa this is crack up writing use now that im a missionary!
so i just finished my first week here in the mtc!! it was pretty mean man, the church is awesome! my first day here aaron kaahanui and tohper thee greeted me at the front and took me everywhere that i needed to go. Everything going well with me. I actually forgot my camera at auntie kenra thems place but im gonna email them to send it to me lol sorry. i miss you guys family but im doing mean ay. the work is going awesome. I got heaps to learn with the language but i know i will accomplish it. so far i can pray, meet someone and bare testimony in Spanish! mean! but my testimony has been strengthened a lot already and its so cool that everyone here has the same goal as me. My district is cool as and were pretty tight already! our district has a mean problem with farting in class, its crack up. but my companion is elder oldroyd, cool as fala but a awesome first companion, just what i needed ay lol. but i think im getting fat already, its all you can eat here and i seriously eat all that i can..haha. family i miss use hard man but being here in the mtc is something I've been waiting for my whole life aye it so awesome to finally be here serving the lord.

I don't have much time on here coz i been trying to find out how to get here this whole time haha but ill give use my p.o diddle box, its:

Elder George Randell Kanahele Kaka
MTC mailbox #211
WI-MIL 0508
2005 N 900 E
Provo UT 84604-1793

i think that's what it is coz my comps being an egg and wont answer me coz hes doing his stuffs. lol but family everythings good here in the mtc. i taught my first investigator the 2nd day here and it was ok but not what i wanted. i know i dont know much of the language so i couldnt really say wut i wanted. for me its hard out been a motivation for me to learn all i can and i can seriously say that iv never prayed so much in my life. you really have to depend on the lord while doing the work ay coz hes the only one that can help you. iv learnt so much thus far and i just go harder each day so that when i go out into the field i can be the best that i can be from the get go. i know i have heaps to learn and do but my drive is there and i know what i need to do to get there. yesterday me and my comp joined the choir so thats crack up, he hard out likes to sing but he sings through his nose so its prettty handsome lol but all for the love of singing i guess. today's my first "p" day so i get to do heaps of stuff. i been cutting like all the elders in my buildings hair. i gots heaps of pictures to send but there all on everyone elses cameras lol. quik story, my first day i got given a package that had heaps of important crap in it like my room key, po box number and heaps of other stuffs but i lost it lol but ye anyway i gots to go soon, not much time given for us on here.i love you guys man and now i know how conway felt. thanks mum and dad for everything ay you guys are my best friends. i love you guys and am just so greatful for all that you have done for us kids. you guys are the reason i have the desire to serve the lord. such awesome examples that all of us have to look up to. thanks mum for packing all my bags!! iv used prettty much everything in my medicine container thingys lol but its cool here man! ran into heaps of people that i know that work here and also missionaries from hawaii, kahuku and laie, so cool man. mum can you tell aunty kenra to send my camera to me and give here that address, fa cuz i dont have any more time left on here.  Love you my beautiful family.  so blessed to have you fallas for eternity.

Elder Kaka

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