Monday, March 26, 2012

Kia Ora family!!!!!

Man what mean letters!! str8 beautiful family, i love you guys so much ay. thanks for everything you guys do to make it possible for me to be here! im so grateful for you guys ay family, im probley the only fala here who loves his family as much as i do, coz my families mean!! lol yiuh but it sounds like everyone’s doing good! im proud of you guys family, doing the sellings wif out me ay(my fortay)lol, thats a big gap in the promotion lol na but im proud of you falas family, getting to rich lol. glad you kids had a awesome week with conference and stuff, yiuh lia getting to big ay, were the boys loving you? ill waste them lol that’s awesome tho lia, it only gets better ay, well it did for me at least lol and ash you the man bro, i miss you and lia heaps man, you guys are my uces! you taking care of lia bro? thats your sister bro gotta watch her! i love you two man and glad you guys had a good spiritual experience this week. build off of that k, and be leaders, be the examples to your friends and all those around you, cuz in the end youll be the reason a lot of them went on missions, and the mission is something we have to do, so much to be done ay family, and im just a spek in that work. but ye family it sounds like you guys got everything under control at home, it brings me heaps of comfort to know the lord is taking care of my family ay. sounds like mum and dad are the biggest fans of the shave ice ay? hahah yiuh why not ay! lol good on use mum and dad, falas getting a system down sounds like, much better than cleaning the kaaawa house for mission money lol good times haha! i love and miss you guys family good to hear from all of you. con proud as of you bro, your the biggest example for all of us bro, being here now and knowing what you went through is awesome bro, the spirit of god cannot be explained man! i just never felt like this before, but i love you bro, miss you heaps to ay, having a bit of a cry coz i miss my bros n sis, use are my best friends ay, i love you guys man! con so the youth conference went good then ay? thats mean as bro, the youth probley like grind you too lol you lifting weights for me bro? haha just worldy stuff ay bro, all temporal stuff in this life lol shot bro. As for me family, had another awesome as week!!!!!yiuh!!lol so starting up on my 4th week, dayum things are just flying by so fast here and learning so much ay. i just got my camera on Saturday but i took heaps of pictures to email you but i forgot the camera up at the room, ill send you guys some later today. but the mtc experience is going great! me and my comp are doing awesome together, we are so different from each other in every way lol but the lord seems to make everything all work out. I’ve learnt a lot about myself these past weeks and iv done anything and everything to have the spirit to be with me. The language is coming along good so far, better than i thought. Kind of hit a stump this week cuz we just started learning future tense and my whole mind set has had to change which was a little difficult but nothing i can’t get over. eeaaassyy!lol too easy ow lol na jks. but just a quick story, i had an experience this week in my teaching sessions with another investigator that im currently teaching, his name is gaspar. but family we were teaching him which is our 3rd lesson with him and on the apostasy and he just was not receptive ay. just couldn’t understand how joseph smith did what he did and why we need the book of mormon when we have the bible. man it was killing me. while my comp. was doing his thing i just had the most sincere prayer and desperate, i honestly was dying to just testify to this fala and right after the prayer, i never felt the spirit like that in my life just take over me. i got so emotional and just bore testimony of the BOM and through joseph smith we have the most correct book on the earth, and that we could draw nearer to god than from any other book. sadly he didn’t really commit to much but i was just happy the lord got us through that lesson with him, he’s a hard as case but at least he let us back in his home again. Family after that lesson i just had a prayer to heavenly father to thank him and i was just so overwhelmed with the spirit just started having a mean cry. lol in class and everyone was wondering what was going on lol but it was just a huge testimony building experience for me. I’ve never put so much trust in the lord in my life and iv received so much happiness from it. So another district in my zone has been having a very hard time getting along and there class has been here for about 8 weeks now but my teacher asked if i could go bear testimony to their class and hopefully help them with their struggles. i don’t know why he asked me but it was another awesome experience for me to share my testimony. we came together with our whole zone and i just stood up and just str8 bore testimony to them, just about everything, our purpose here as missionaries and how sacred the work we have to partake in, i told them that i knew why i was there and how that’s been my drive and motivation for me through it all. i told them i didn’t know what they were going through but that the lord did and only through him at this time can we get through our struggles. How can we know where to go in this life if we don’t know where were going, we have to have a purpose why we are here cuz it’s not about you anymore ay, its about the lord. i told them my experience with the spirit here and how iv just done pretty much anything to have it. i bore testimony to them and i know they felt the spirit. And especially me being new here and telling them what to do, i know they respected that. Family everything is going good with me and i just work every day to be better at everything i do so i can change the lives of others, and their eternal lives. How important this work is ay. i know for the investigators, this is the most important path they’ll ever walk in their life cuz this path leads to eternal life. I’m happy i have a eternal family and that we know our path and our plan and how we have steps in place for us so that we can accomplish what the lord wants us to. How lucky are we as members to know that ay! its beautiful stuff family and im so grateful for it. i love you family and i gotta go now but have another awesome week and remember our purpose here on earth. Give my love to grams and aunty nikki and the girls! what awesome letters they sent me man, we have a awesome family man and im so grateful for that! love you guys!! tuumeke on the keke!! mean MS4LYPH!!!

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