Monday, March 19, 2012

kia ora family!! hi man fa good to hear from you guys man!! the mtc is mean!! i love it here ay, the spirit is felt here 24/7 so much i can’t even explain. iv learned so much that its just overwhelming, in a good way. Everything is coming along good though. my comp is just the man and just a worker, a mean example for me so I’m happy about that. iv been working my butt off here trying to learn everything i can. my teacher elder cotrell is the man and just returned from his mission serving in new York but he’s inspiring hard as a teacher. you can just telll hes real passionate about the gospel and his testimony, hence why he testifies the way he does. it strengthens mine every day. but i know its the same with our own. if we come to love and be so passionate about the gospel, will portray our message that way to our friends, family and investigators. it’s awesome! but just a quick story family, 2 nights ago another elder in my district (elder eyring)asked me if i could come help him share a message with his friend who is in another building coz apparently his friend was having a hard time in the mtc coping with things and was thinking about going home. we went over there and the elder shared d&c 31 and pretty much just testified that we will face obstacles and afflictions but that our time is now to serve the lord and the lord is even closer to us now as missionaries. We need to have faith, be patient and do all we can to endure our trials because the lord is with us all the way. i shared my testimony in Spanish and i don’t even remember what i said ay, and pretty much just told the other elders that the lord is bound to us if we do all we can on our part to learn the doctrine and the language. if we are obedient in trying to do all we can here in the mtc, the lord promises us that he'll loosen our tongues so that we are able to accomplish his work. That elder just started balling when we were saying bye and it was just so cool to be in action ay. Here i am only a week out longer than these elders but we were able to help and serve them. We are all here for the same purpose but sometimes we just need some reminding ay.
Anyways though family the mtc experience is the greatest thing and iv never felt so close to the lord in my life. My district is so cool and where like bradas already. Our district stands out amongst the whole floor ay, it’s cool! we str8 work till the very last second of everything, I’m lucky to be with these falas. but ye family thanks for all your dear elders, its mean to get them after a long days of work and just makes it all worth it at the end of the day when i know my family are sweet and that im in the right place. so i seen jaden his first day here, he looks the same, so cool to see him ay!! was crack up, he’s the only elder here going to poland and so hes the only elder in his district amongst like 6 other sister missionaries, poor fala lol. mum!!i haven’t got my camera yet, do you know if aunty kenra them found it? coz where not allowed i-pods here so i cant take pictures with it lol gotta follow the rules ay! but ye that’s the dalema. i play basketball hard out on p day and gym day and str8 play for the championship with all the other elders and they’re scared coz im just physical as hurting falas haha breaking all the gym rules like no diving, no keeping score, no rough play and just heaps of out of it stuff like that lol so that’s something i can work on ay lol but i love you family. Enjoyed your guys letters! heaps of stuff to read ay lol but sounds like the shave ice is gonna be mean!! hahha Maori’s ay lol shot family! thanks for the box you sent mum, i love you, and con ow thought you were gonna put in the watches for me ow lol alguds tho! happy brthday ash!! love you bro, but na i still got muscles bro lol actually bigger now coz of all the food i eat and sitting down all day! but my clothes still fit and all lol did lia not get to dance in the fet? man tht sucks ay, lia i miss you ay, i love you lia hope you doing good. that’s cool that you guys got to go sing for uncle eldons pops! You guys sound good with out me or wot? lol and con thnx for the advice bro, your the man ay bro, i love you uce miss you man! tell jaden to tell her famz thnx for the package! such a sweet family!! mum and dad i love you falas ay, so much man! our family is so special and thats what i miss, just being together. Yesterday for choir we sung the song "consider the lilies" you know that song ay dad? the one that plays on cons blog. well anyways i thought of con and our family the whole time through the song and was just feeling the spirit hard thinking of our family, and its awesome now that i get that same experience out here! look for me on tv at general conference though family coz were gonna be singing in the choir lol mean ay! but ye family thats all i have for you guys! im good with everything, i love yous so much ay, thanks for everything you do for me family mean, have an awesome week with everything, be strong and go hard ay up the guts, im here for the lord family! but i talk to you guys next week ay! kia ora kia ora!  aw and tell the mozo family i said hi and that i love and miss them. take care of our families family! love you again, chru chur!

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